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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Sunny Point different than other Cottage Resorts? This is a great question. There are a couple of things different about us. First, our cottages and inn are extremely private and all are waterfront. Many other places cluster all their cottages together, one on top of another. We only have 9 cottages, the Grand Muskokan and the inn sharing 2,700 feet of waterfront. Our property is enormous. We have over 80 acres. The result is space and tranquility.With a maximum occupancy of about 100 people, there is close to an acre of property for every guest here. Second, in our desire to create for our guests, the "Great Canadian Cottage Experience", we present fully equipped modern, clean & well maintained cottages with steps to the lake, a dock and a canoe. Third, with all this property, we've added resort style amenities to keep you and your family as busy as you wish without having to leave the property.

2. Why do you suggest that we bring bottled water? This is just a matter of practicality This water is fine for drinking but different than the water you are used to consuming. There should be no issue regarding the quality of the water. The owners drink the water. Our children don't. We receive our water right from Otter Lake and then triple filter this water with a 50 micron, a tannin and then a 5 micron filter. Then, a solinoid measures the clarity. Should it not exceed 70% clarity, the system shuts down. All this happens BEFORE the water passes through a state-of-the-art UV filter. (translation... good for you, expensive for us!). We clean our waterlines annually and test regularly as required by the Ministry of Environment and North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit. We almost always have perfect water tests. But, it is different than the water you drink at home. This is not well water and not chlorinated. Why risk feeling a bit queezy from drinking water that you aren't used to? The folks we bought Sunny Point from drank the water.

3. What do I need to rent a boat and motor? Any responsible Adult member of the rental group, 21 and over, who will be operating the boat must receive instruction from us and sign a Rental Boat Safety Checklist which we also provide A member of the family, over 18 may drive the boat if he/she has proof of a Boat Operator license and if they sign the Checklist. This allows you to operate one of our boats while staying at Sunny Point. We made a significant investment in a new fleet of lightweight Kevlar and fiberglass yellow canoes that we have made part of the rental package at all cottages and the Grand Muskokan as both an addition to your accommodation and replacement for those folks who can't drive or don't want a motor boat. You do not need anything other than common sense to operate a canoe, kayak or paddleboat.

4. Can I launch and keep my own boat at Sunny Point? Sure. We have a launch and either you can launch or we will launch your boat for you. If you have a cottage, you can keep your boat moored at your own private dock. There is a limitation of about 18 feet being the largest size we can launch and you must have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Larger boats and non 4x4's tend to create large ruts in our already steep launch. It is dangerous for us to then regrade the launch as our tractor must creep to within the water's edge. If your boat is too large, a Free launch is available at Otter Lake Marina, minutes from Sunny Point.

5. What is the lake like to swim in? One word... fantastic. Otter Lake is among the cleanest lakes in Ontario. This is not a weedy lake but a sand bottom. During a normal summer, the lake temperature will climb to 80 degrees or warmer.

6. How's the fishing? Good. Each year, some 10 year old catches a huge northern pike right off the dock. We also have lake trout, black crappie, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. Each cottage and unit comes equipped with wall-mounted plaques that describe the fish to be caught, where to catch them, and how to catch them. Please do not bring the plaque-mounted versions into the boat with you! (Don't laugh - it has been done!)

7. What time is check in and check out? Check-in time is 4pm. Please call us if you plan to arrive later than 7pm. Please appreciate that we have the entire resort to turnover in high season, and we do want the accommodation spotless with repairs done before your arrival. Check-out time in July and August is 9am for the same reasons as stated above. We want the resort in tip top shape for the arrival of our next set of guests. During the off season, earlier check-in times and later check-out times can usually be accommodated. Please call to request this.

8. What is the closest town and how far away is it? Parry Sound is about 20 km and 20 minutes away.

9. Why do you not allow campfires? It isn't us, it's the insurance company. In 2004, we lost a cottage due to a fire. (no one was hurt, just the building). The insurance company asks us not to allow camp fires. We don't. There is a gas bbq at every cottage and five gas bbq's around the inn. There is a park style bbq which requires briquettes at all cottages and a smaller portable briquette at Cottage 5.

10. Why can't I use the fireplace in my inn suite? Well, see question 9! In 2016, our insurance company required a WETT certification of our inn fireplaces. This affects the Junior Suites, the Blue Heron and the Georgian. Due to the age of the inn and the construction, the inspector was unable to confirm that the installation was safely done and would pass current building code. Reluctantly, we have secured shut the glass doors and guests may not have a fire in the fireplaces.

11. Can I have visitors? Yes and No. We pride ourselves on providing an exclusive and very private cottage experience for our PAYING guests. You may have guests to visit, who are not staying at the resort, for the day, for a $10 fee per person per day, up to the MAXIMUM allowable for your rented unit. For example, the maximum allowable persons for a 3 bedroom cottage is 6 people including the guests sleeping at the cottage and the visitors coming for the day. In the past, we have had visitors sometimes out number the number of guests at a cottage. This isn't pleasant for anyone else and we now forbid it. Please contact us for clarification if you have any questions.

12. Can I bring and use a Jet Ski, Tent, Trailer and/or Fireworks? One word...No. Our guests return here because of the peace and quiet. We do our best to keep it this way.

13. How do I reserve? Call 1 800 265-0432, 1 705 9381970 e-mail or reserve online from this site. Deposit is $300 for a cottage, $200 for the 2 bdrm suites, $150 for a Junior or 1 bdrm suite and $1000 for the Grand Muskokan. You can use visa or mastercard or e-mail transfer for your deposit.

14. Why do you have so many rules? Click here for Rental Rules.That's a good question! In our former career as landlords of our many apartments, we learned that the best way to keep an apartment building with great tenants and little disruption was to, upfront, be very clear on our rules and expectations which very quickly became the rules and expectations of our existing tenants. By establishing what was acceptable and what was not acceptable in our apartments, prior to a tenancy, we gave an applicant the choice of being a tenant with us or going elsewhere. We found almost everyone loved our style. We had dozens of thank you notes from tenants telling us what a pleasure it was living in our buildings.

At Sunny Point Resort, we do the same thing. On our rate page below the prices, we go into detail about what things are not tolerated here. We have fantastic guests who keep returning to Sunny Point because we provide for them the peace and quiet and low numbers of people on the resort that they can count on. Our rules help to clarify what our place is all about. We suggest you read the information on the rate page prior to making a reservation and make that reservation only if you like what we present here. Click here to see this info.

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